About Us


Hello with a warm welcome to our Breckner-International world! We are a specialized full-service provider in staff recruiting with a main focus especially in the following areas:
Finance & Accounting
Tax Advice
Legal & Compliance
IT & Services
Human Resources
Real Estate
Breckner carries an emerging large network that enables matching employers to employees and vice-versa. Our extensive database enables us to efficiently support our customers in filling their vacancies precisely according to the requirements of each party while our service ranges from mediation, to leasing and interim management. Located in Wiesbaden, Germany, our company is comprised by a team of specialized people in professional recruitment that offers you just the right tailored solution whether you are an employer or an employee. Our levels of recruitment are all-embracing as is our clients base ranging from small ventures to big leader enterprises. Whatever the requirements we are committed to deliver an excellent service besides the amplitude of the application and that’s just the way how we do things. We solemnly owe to each of our clients to combine our best efforts and expertise in fulfilling every open request while we always take into consideration each candidate’s expectations and their career path.

Why Us?

We always try to find employment opportunities that correspond to the candidate’s profile and we provide each of our candidates with the most interesting available career opportunities. We don’t only have a limited role as recruiters for different organisations, but we act as consultants/advisors to our clients as well, thus helping them to address critical professional issues. We have been recruiting in Germany for many years, and our local foundation gives us a comprehensive understanding of the local market trends and needs. Many of our recruitment consultants derive from backgrounds in banking and financial services, giving us a thorough understanding of the complex hiring requirements for banking and financial services roles, and easy insights into which professionals possess the hard and soft skill sets needed to succeed.

How can i be recruited in the finance industry?

Financial Services has always been one of the most gainful sectors as well as a defiance for the recruitment industry. We have an extensive experience in recruiting for roles throughout the industry, including derivatives, audit, compliance, or simply c-level banking and financial services management. We take a consultative approach to every recruitment process, meaning that when we partner with a company, we go further than simply sending in a stack of CVs. We truly work to understand hiring needs first, and then finding the professionals with the right skillset to fill any needs. Our selection process is based on a structured and systematic approach which begins by understanding the clients’ needs and then continues all the way to follow-up with both clients and candidates post recruitment. Finding top-quality professionals to fill open banking and financial services jobs within your organisation can be a challenge, but partnering with a recruitment agency like Breckner-Int will definitely make the entire process much easier and more convenient.

Why you haven’t heard yet about us?

We consciously are on our way to become a market leader and since we are a young company with a framework of large cognition, our long standing network of connections within the banking and financial services sector sets us apart from other recruiters. Our uniqueness is that we meet every candidate in person in order to get to know them and evaluate better each case. It’s very important for us to know each candidate’s background as well as their career goals, so that we’ll be able to find the perfect match. We take pride in knowing our market and look forward to working with you on your next career move.